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Engine Replacement

The engine converts energy into useful mechanical motion. This amazing machine is what keeps your vehicle moving. Although generally reliable, a car engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown. When this happens, do not sit and stress over it. Take action.

Might it be time for an engine replacement? Is your Car burning oil or running poorly? Has your engine taken on water or flooded? Delaying auto engine repair work can irreversibly damage your vehicle. Whatever the make, model or year of your car, you can count on GH Mobil for a correct diagnosis and repair.

Engine trouble is one repair that can’t be overlooked. If your car is experiencing any of these symptoms, or if your check engine light is on, you need to give us a call right away to get it checked out. GH Mobil engine replacement has been providing the most affordable engine swap service in the area for several years.  

Shop around, read our testimonials, talk to our loyal customers and then make an appointment with our auto engine repair specialists. No other shop can match our quality, experience, and mechanical competence not to mention our explain-it-so-you-understand-it customer service.

Do You Need A New Engine Replacement?

Use the button below to request a free online quote on the cost of replacing your vehicle's engine.  We work with the nations best engine suppliers and we are also Houston's most affordable engine replacement service provider.  You can clike on the button below or click here to submit your free quote request.

Once we receive your request, our engine specialist will send you an email with a 7 day price guarantee.  All work is warrantied and guaranteed.  

(346) 386-6945

"Our expert services are ideal whether you have a late model import or newer domestic vehicle. And because we guarantee the work we perform, you can rest assured you are receiving the highest quality engine overhaul and replacement services in Houston, TX."

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