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We Are

Mobile Mechanics

We are the best mobile mechanic company in Houston and Surrounding Areas; Dallas and Surrounding Areas.  GH Mobil only recruits the best. Reasons why you would want to join the best mobile mechanic business in Texas!


#1 You Love Helping People Thrive

Everyone wants to thrive; to live a prosperous and fulfilling life. At GH Mobil, that is goal number one: to ensure our employees thrive and in turn that our clients received the most trusted automotive repair advise .

#2 You Invest in You

We like to think of ongoing training and continuous feedback as our investment in your future. Flexible work schedules that allow for work/life integration are just some of the signs you are in the right place. 

#3 You Are Moved By the Power of Purpose

We are not commodities, we are people. Just as we search for a purpose in life, we should find meaning in work. Our leadership believes in the power of purpose. As you contribute your time, talent and ideas, you’ll see the impact you make at GH Mobil.

#4 You Have Great Ideas

Are you an idea generator? We value those lightbulb moments. Whether it’s how we can be working more efficiently, discovering new revenue channels or helping others thrive, we are here to listen. We’ve been known to turn employee ideas into important company programs and initiatives with real outcomes and full leadership backing. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to work at Google to be allowed the freedom to dream.

#5 You Embrace the Freedom to Be Yourself

Be resourceful. Have fun. Solve puzzles/challenges daily. Just be yourself. Because “yourself” is a unique mind full of potential with a point of view that we desperately want to put to good use.

#6 You Like to See and Be Seen

We place heavy value on trust and transparency. Members of the GH Mobil leadership team will invite you to lunch, or you can invite them. They will be upfront with you and they genuinely want to hear what you have to say. When changes are happening, you are in the know – even when all of the answers haven’t quite been figured out yet. The best part about this? Maybe you are the one with the answer!

#7 You Are Passionate About Your Future

We have added numerous specialty positions (many recommended by current employees) to channel and nurture individual passions. As important as your future is with GH Mobil, your future in general is even more so. Your personal thrivability is in your hands, but we will give you the tools and encouragement to reach for it.

#8 You Want to Work With a Company That Believes What You Believe

Customers choose us when our core beliefs align. We think you should choose us, only if your core beliefs align with ours, and we will do the same. We believe in honor, courage, commitment as well as ownership, grit, heart, and curiosity just to name a few. What do you believe in?

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